Product Details

Brand : David Rowland

Model : 40/4

David Rowland’s award-winning 40/4 stackable chair is arguably one of the most important designs of the 20th century. The 40/4 chair is featured in design collections and museums the world over, in recognition of its elegant lines, excellent ergonomics, unsurpassed stacking and handling, as well as space-saving advantages for flexible interiors. 

With over eight million sold since its inception in 1964, the 40/4 stackable chair is an indisputable icon of multifunctional design, which continues to attract architects and designers who are amazed by its ability to create space – without taking up space.

Key Features

· Sliver cantilever frame

· Stackable  

· Veneer back and seat with light blue finish


Colour : Light Blue

Condition : used

Material : Veneer