10 Reasons To Buy Quality Used Office Furniture

Many businesses today are making the choice to purchase second hand office furniture as an alternative to buying brand new products. Although this decision might often be economical, there are several compelling reasons to purchase quality, used office furniture. 
Branded Furniture for Less

Quality name brand furniture is often available at a substantially discounted rate. These savings can often be as much as 75%. This also helps to make certain that additional office equipment can be purchased without worry.

Style and Character
Recycled office furniture will often have unique design elements that have been discontinued. These features set used office furniture apart from newer pieces, and lend character to any office environment.

Overall Quality
Second hand furniture is typically constructed of quality materials, and has been designed and built to last. This benefit results in furnishings that will stand the test of time, and put up with the day to day wear and tear that might be expected.

Furniture That Is Completely Assembled.
New office furniture will often require some degree of assembly. This can be time consuming and frustrating. Used and recycled furniture is generally assembled and ready to put to use when delivered.

Volume and Availability
Second hand office furniture will often be available in greater volume, as compared to brand new display pieces. Without the need for special orders, businesses are able to have their facility up and running without costly delays.

Immediate Delivery
Warehouses that specialize in quality recycled office furniture are able to deliver their products almost immediately. When buying used, branded furniture directly off of the showroom floor, there is no need to wait for pieces that might need to be shipped from other locations.

Environmental Concerns
By purchasing recycled office furniture, businesses contribute to the conservation of natural resources, the reduction of industrial pollution, and the disposal issues that result from discarded office equipment.

Overall Cost Savings
With a watchful eye on operating costs, the bottom line is always an issue. Businesses will save up to 75% when purchasing used office furniture. Even quality branded items are generally available at considerable savings.

Business owners will typically find that the selection of new products can be very limited. This may be due to manufacturing issues, back orders, or geographical availability. Because of the large number of businesses that make the choice to recycle their own office furniture, there is generally a wide selection, and a large inventory, available at any given time.

Temporary Solutions
In cases where business owners are unsure of their own growth or future plans, purchasing second hand office furniture is often the best way to provide a temporary solution for interim furnishings.

Purchasing quality, used office furniture is a wise choice for any business owner. In most cases, there is little or no evidence to indicate that the furnishings are second hand. Not only can a business provide an immediate solution to their furniture needs, but the selection available will even contribute to unique office design ideas. Purchasing used office furniture makes sense for everyone involved.

8 Reasons Why it Pays to Buy an Ergonomic Chair

If you spend eight hours a day or more sitting behind a desk, you know the importance of a proper office chair. An ergonomic chair offers several benefits to the office worker. Here are just eight:

1. Relief of Back Pain

When adjusted properly, an ergonomic executive chair, operator's chair or task chair can help ease back pain. To achieve maximum back-pain relief, armrests should be adjusted so that your arms are slightly lifted at the shoulders. The small of your back should sit comfortably against the back rest and, you should be able to pass your fist between your calves and the front of the chair's seat.

2. Less Eye Strain

When sitting in an ergonomic chair, face your work station and close your eyes. Open your eyes slowly while looking straight ahead. Do your eyes focus on the centre of your computer screen? If not, your chair will need to be raised or lowered appropriately. Sitting in this position will lessen eye fatigue.

3. Better Posture

When you adjust your ergonomic chair correctly, your posture is immediately improved. Your back will be correctly supported, allowing you to sit straight with your head at a proper angle. Your shoulders and arms will be properly positioned, allowing for your neck to be in perfect alignment.

4. Relaxed Thighs

If you've ever sat in a chair that wasn't designed well, you know the feeling of pressure that quickly builds in your thighs. When you sit in an ergonomically designed chair, such as a swivel chair, you can adjust the forward tilt adjustment to relieve that pressure. The end result is legs that are less fatigued at the conclusion of your work day.

5. Arm Benefits

Ergonomic chairs with padded armrests provide above-average support, particularly for those workers who use laptops to get the job done. Adjustable armrests allow you to raise and lower your arms for better circulation and reduced muscle fatigue. Proper positioning of your arms will lessen the likelihood of developing carpal tunnel and, if carpel tunnel is already present, reduce the amount of pain you experience.

6. Increased Blood Flow

Ergonomic chairs allow for positional changes which can help to increase blood flow to the extremities. Increased blood flow can reduce muscle cramps experienced in the evening or night hours caused by sitting in a static position for an extended period of time.

7. Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

Years of poor posture sneak up on us later in life. Spending eight hours a day in a poorly designed office chair can increase your risk of joint and bone damage. By using a chair that is ergonomically designed, you lessen your risk of developing these debilitating problems.

8. Psychological Health

Studies have shown that the more physically comfortable people are, the better their psychological health. By using an ergonomic office chair, you'll spend your days in comfort rather than pain. This comfort has a positive effect on your overall mental well being.

Ergonomic chairs are the best choice for office workers. These specially-designed chairs can be found at second hand office furniture dealers and stores that sell new furniture. No matter where you purchase your chair, you'll reap the benefits immediately.