• photo of second hand double-sided mobile whiteborard

Product Details

A whiteboard is a must in every office and meeting room today. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming and presenting ideas. This mobile, revolving whiteboard combines functionality with a stylish, elegant design and high quality. The wheels allow you to quickly transport it between different rooms and use it wherever and whenever needed. Two of the four wheels are braked to prevent the board from rolling away when you write on it. As the whiteboard is double-sided, you get plenty of surface to work with in a single board. Switch between the two sides by turning the entire board with a simple manoeuvre.

The writing surface has a magnetic function, enabling you to use magnets to attach your presentations and printouts directly onto the whiteboard, which can also work as a notice board.

Mobile, revolving whiteboard with double-sided, high-quality vitreous enamel writing surface. Fitted with four wheels and a pen shelf.

Key Features

•  Two-sided whiteboard - double the writing surface

•  Magnetic surface

•  Mobile on 4 Wheels - 2 braked wheels to keep in place

•  Pen Shelf

•  Revolving sides with tightening nobs to secure shut

•  Board Size: 1800 x 1000 (mm)

Colour : White

Condition : Used

Product Length (mm) :1950

Product Width (mm) :560

Product Height (mm): 2020