Product Details

Brand : Orangebox

Model : TSO-CA

Tso is a beautifully comfortable universal chair with a plastic back/upholstered seat. It shares the same design as the Ara task chair and can be used either combined with Ara or configured with other Smartworking products.

The flexible plastic back has a similar design language to the Ara task chair and the two are often combined, within desk focused working spaces.

The upholstered seat cushion sits within a plastic under shell that partially encloses the tube frame to allow the chair to be stacked without damage to the upholstery. The arm pad is manufactured in a semi ridged plastic which achieves a good level of comfort but ensures long term durability and performance.

Product Details

- Second hand meeting chair in good used condition

- Stackable chairs

- Cantilever base

- Chrome Frame

- Black Nylon Fabric

- Arm pad moulded and painted in black

- Quality Orangebox Product

- ARA compatible

Colour : Black

Condition : Used

Material : Fabric



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