Product Details

Brand : Sidiz

Model : T50

The SIDIZ T50 chair consists of precise Al pressure castings in high polish and a metal mechanism with adjustment of seat height, backrest and armrests. The SIDIZ T50 office chair has an upholstered seat with PUR foam filling and a black mesh fabric backrest. The plastic backrest frame is curved ergonomically to support correct seating position and support for the lumbar region. The swivel office chair is fitted as standard with a synchronous mechanism, a high quality gas lift, a robust five-arm base and smooth running universal castors. All control handles have instructions in Braille for sight impaired users.


•  Office chairs in excellent condition

•  Colour: Black Fabric Seat, Black Mesh Back

Key Features

Height adjustable arms - The armrest, made of topgrade molded urethane, can be adjusted for height and distance to the seat front.

Adjustable arm depth - The chair conforms to individual body types and postures, easing and promoting comfort in the neck, shoulders and arms

Braille markers - Visually impaired users can locate and operate the various control levers with ease

Synchronized tilting - Seat pan and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The T50 tilt adjustment levers are neat and efficient, furthering the simplicity of overall styling.

Adjustable tilt tension - A multitask lever is located on the side of the support under the seat pan. It can be pulled outward and then rotated to adjust the degree of tilt tension. The same lever is used to adjust seat height, resulting in greater convenience and a sleeker design

Seat slope adjustment -The paddle on the side under the seat pan will easily adjust the seat angle. Tasks such as keyboarding encourage the upper body to lean forward. In this case, elevate the rear of the seat pan to tilt the seat forward to achieve a more comfortable pelvic angle and relieve pressure on the femoral region.

Seat slide adjustment - Unlock the seat position by extending the paddle on the side of the under-seat brace. Then grasp the seat pan, sliding it forward or backward effortlessly to achieve the proper seat depth for each user. This feature assists the user in maintaining a correct comfortable seated posture, especially useful for taller people.

Backrest curvature -The backrest supports the spine naturally, enabling the user to maintain the correct and most comfortable ergonomic posture. This helps to prevent the musculoskeletal problems that can occur from prolonged sitting in static postures.

Colour : Black

Condition : used

Material : Fabric

Seat Height (mm): 575

Seat Depth (mm): 480 - 550

Seat Width (mm): 500

Back Height (mm): 530 - 560



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