Product Details

Brand : Vitra

Model : Eames

The Aluminum Chair is one of the great furniture designs of the twentieth century. Charles and Ray Eames conceived and developed this chair in 1958 for the private residence of an art collector in Columbus, Indiana (USA). For its construction, the designer couple departed from the principle of the seat shell, instead stretching a panel of fabric or leather between two aluminum side members to create a taut but elastic seat. The chair adapts to the body of the sitter and is exceedingly comfortable, even without elaborate upholstery.

The swivel-based model EA 118 adds an iconic presence to prestigious office environments. They are equipped with a tilt mechanism that can be adjusted to the weight of the user, providing for optimum comfort. The model EA 118 is distinguishable from EA 119 by their lower backrests. EA 118 also has a somewhat narrower seat, and the sitting position of this model is more specifically suited for table-oriented activities.

Backrest and seat: EA 118 with medium-height backrest and table-oriented sitting position. High-frequency welded horizontal ribbing Leather. Side profiles and spreaders in die-cast aluminum, with a polished or chrome-plated finish or powder-coated in deep black.

Seat mechanism:Adjustable backward tilt, lockable in the forward position. Continuous seat height adjustment with gas spring.

Armrests: die-cast aluminum, with a polished finish

Base: five-star base in die-cast aluminum, with a polished finished. Equipped with hard castors.

Colour : Camel

Condition : Used

Material : Leather



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